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 Call us today at (404)549-8421 or use the form below and we’ll be in touch with you.  Feel free to email us at corelifestyles69@yahoo.com with any questions or comments regarding our services.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Rate yourself from 1-5 with '5' being the highest level of discomfort/concern or needing improvement, and '1' being of no discomfort/concern.

If your score is 20 or more, you may be showing signs of aging and limited movement. You could be an ideal candidate for our unique program. Contact us and let's start your journey to feeling 5, 10, or 15 years younger today! Remember, "It's never too late to start something new and never too early to begin"!

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1. There is stiffness in my neck, shoulders, back or upper trunk

2. There is stiffness/immobility in my pelvis, legs, knees and ankles

3. It takes more time to turn my body when sitting or walking

4. I cannot rise quickly from sitting or a crouching position

5. I have difficulty or discomfort when I lower or raise my body

6. I catch myself raising or hunching my shoulders

7. When I reach up or bend down I feel unsteady

8. My Movements and breathing feel heavy

9. Activities  like dancing,  sports or exercise are more difficult.

10. I feel hesitant or uncertain when I initiate certain movements

Total Score

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