This is an educational method to coordinate breath, posture and movement.  This exercise can improve breathing, reduce back pain, and promote easier movement.


The word Chakra comes from an ancient Indian language known as Sanskrit, chakra means vortex, spinning wheel or circle. Chakras are the major centers of spiritual power in the human body and are circles of energy which balance, store and distribute the energies of life all through our physical body along the subtle body. The subtle body is the non physical body or otherwise known as our soul or spirit, which overlays our physical body.


The Feldenkrais method is an educational system that allows the body to move and function more efficiently and comfortably. Its goal is to re-educate the nervous system and improve motor ability. The system can accomplish much more, relieving pressure on joints and weak points, and allowing the body to heal repetitive strain injuries. Continued use of the method can relieve pain and lead to higher standards of achievement in sports, the martial arts, dancing and other physical disciplines.


Rolfing is used to treat tissue and enhance structure and health within them. It is considered to be a bodywork technique that improves balance and flexibility through deep manipulation of rigid muscles, bones and joints; intended to relieve stress and improve energy.


Reiki is a complementary therapy, and can be performed alongside traditional medical treatment. It is not a religion and requires no particular belief system. Reiki energy is channeled through the practitioner to the person being treated, who then draws the energy into his/her system. Reiki balances and harmonizes especially where there is a potential for illness, and works on all physical, emotional and spiritual levels.


Reflexology or zone therapy is an alternative medicine involving the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, hands, or ears with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. It is based on what reflexologists claim to be a system of  zones and reflex areas that they say reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands, with the premise that such work affects a physical change in the body.